Monday, 22 December 2008

All summer long

What a better way to start summer than burning the food and getting a visit from the Fire Department. Regan is trying her best at gaining some cooking skills but so far it doesn't look too good.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Come what may

Round 1: 1976-1980
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Rumors of the last heir of the Harper family have started to surface in Wellington. People say that he is planning to buy the Harper Mansion and renovate it completely. Many people still remember Bert Harper's gambling addiction and confrontations with the law and the bank robbery which finally put him behind bars and led to the family's disgraceful departure from Wellington.

Chase Harper has heard all about his uncle's infamous life and is determined to prove to the habitants of Wellington that he's not the same. Getting the mansion back in the family's possession was Chase's father's last wish. After finishing high school, Chase applied to Brixton Academy which is located near Wellington. He hopes he can someday purchase the old family home.

Chase is a Knowledge sim and he wants to become an Ecological Guru. His college major is Biology.

Harper Mansion

Once upon a time the Harper mansion was the home of Wellington's most prestigious family. After a series of shameful incidents involving one of the Harper boys, the family left town. The mansion has been vacant for decades and has lost all its glory.

Someone has ditched their old pick-up on the driveway.

The sitting room used to be the heart of the house. Now it looks more like a storage room for distressed furniture.

The dining area has come a long way from the sophisticated dinner parties that were held at the mansion.

Writer's note:
* I've been wanting to make a house like Harper Mansion for a long time and with the new hood I thought the time is right. It has all the necessary furniture but they're all pretty run down. The house is affordable (about €57,000) but it'll cost a lot of money to renovate it.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Sisters are doing it for themselves

Round 1: 1976-1980
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Bobbie and Vicki Hayes are twins but they're not very close. Vicki moved in with Bobbie when she was pregnant with her daughter Alexandra who's now a toddler. They live in one of the apartment in the Ivy Creek Condos near the city centre.

Bobbie is a Knowledge sim and has the LTW to become a City Planner. However she'll have to settle for whatever job she can to be able to pay the rent.

Meet the Whitfields

Round 1: 1976-1980
next update

Senator Ryland Whitfield moves to Wellington with his wife Jackie and daughter Rianna. The family also includes Ryland's little sister Regan who joined the family after her parents died.

Ryland is a Popularity sim and wants to become The Law. His PDH is Cuisine. Ryland is in the Politics career and I'm planning to make him the first mayor of Wellington - if he can get the promotion with the harder jobs hack in the game.

Monday, 15 December 2008


Wellington is the apple of my eye - my new hood which I've built from scratch. Building the hood is a living process since I've just started playing. New sims and new lots will be added somewhat frequently.

I have wanted to start a sims blog for a long time but for some reason I never got to start. Now that I finally have a hood that I'm very happy with I thought I'd begin blogging. I'm far too lazy for having highly sophisticated economical systems for my hood but I'll try to make it harder for my sims to get rich. In my opinion making money is way too easy in the game.

I have shamelessly ripped off ideas for my hood and my blog from Sullivan - with Carla's permission though :) When I first saw the posts at N99 I was just blown away. I don't think I would have started a blog if it wasn't for this magnificant hood. So thank you Carla/Buffy for the inspiration :)

I will start posting stories as soon as I have material - so far I've only played one family so there's not much to tell.